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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Just Another Day on the Run

You know that sinking feeling you get when you try to use an incantation to cause warts to spring up all over your husband's face and it backfires and instead produces a large, living wart that runs fast and spits in people's eyes while shrieking in a horrifically high squeal? No? Well, neither did I, until this morning.

Edric and I have really been doing quite well lately. We were almost caught by King Haden's men shortly after I wrote last time, which is why we haven't been writing much lately. We've been in a panicked, frenzied state, trying desperately to find a place to hide, where no one will even think to look. You know, there really aren't as many places like that as one might think. We've finally settled on a place that may do for a time, but of course I cannot take the risk of describing it here.

Well anyway, with all that running about and fearing for our lives, Edric and I were actually quite civil to one another. He was far too frightened for his usual snide remarks, and I was too tired to abuse him with magic. He risked his neck to capture a chicken one night, after I had remarked earlier in the day about longing for something other than plants to eat at night, and I was so grateful to him that I gave him the antidote for the chivalry potion that I had snuck into his breakfast (both potions were a gift from one of the Glean-Side; believe me, I could never hope to create any potion that powerful). Yes, I admit that it was the chivalry potion that made Edric go after the chicken in the first place, but . . . oh what does it matter; you're probably more curious about the wart anyhow.

Good things usually come to an end, and in like manner, Edric's and my time of pleasantry ended on Tuesday. He was a tad bitter over the chivalry potion, I suppose, and he decided to retaliate by washing my undergarments in stinging nettle juice again AND by hiding my clothes when I bathed later to get the stinging nettle juice off my skin. I had to walk for over a mile, clad only in some leaves that I was using every ounce of my powers to keep positioned over essential areas. After that, all truces were off. Edric and I had a dreadful argument that lasted most of the night, and then this morning, I was reading through my book of forgotten magic and happened to stumble on the wart-causing incantation. It seemed a fitting retaliation.

Unfortunately, as is usually the case with me, the incantation went nothing like it ought to, and Edric and I then spent most of today alternating between running away from the wart and trying to catch it. It was a miserable creature, quite as horrid as Edric. Well, there is a kinship between the two, after all. It was my dragon, Bellamy, who finally rectified the situation. As the wart was passing him, Bellamy let out a very potent burst of flame, and the hideous creature (the wart, not Edric) was nothing more than a little pile of ash. We buried it, just to be safe.

Oh dear, here comes Edric again. He's smiling, which means he's either done something dreadful that is going to make me very cross, or he's come up with a "clever" start to another argument. Looks to be the latter, most likely.

Farewell for the time being, dear friends.


  1. I'm still trying to figure out why this Edric doesn't knock you out and turn you over to his father to get back in his good graces. Seems like he and you are equally as destructive to the pansy.

  2. I don't suppose there is any...er, underground of sorts, in your world? I'm not saying that I know of one in my world or anything, not at all. No one can accuse me of knowing about an underground in my world. But IF there were an underground in my world for half-breeds or natural faeries with little magic, they would be able to get new identities and there would be those willing to help integrate said refugees into society. If your world has something similar, I would seek it out. Change your names, appearances, everything. All that running is going to get old after a while.